January 23, 2019

These Dollars Make Sense

When evaluating any financial decision for your home or business, you have to evaluate the cost-to-benefit ratio. Fortunately, these dollars make a lot of sense.

These Dollars Make Sense

You've Got The Power

A solar power system can give you a $0 power bill. And since you can normally make up to 120% of your needed power with a typical solar power system, you can sell the excess energy back to the power grid through a purchasing power agreement (PPA). Your utility company will actually pay you to make power for them to sell back to everyone else. The cost savings are enormous and can take around 8-10 years to pay for themselves. We have financing options available so that you can pay for your solar power system in installments. Everything after then is pure profit, often 2-3 times as much as you would make on similar investments on Wall Street.

It's Your Power After All

Of course you don't have to sell your excess power back to the power grid. You could choose to store it in a battery backup system and be totally disconnected from the power grid. In some cases, you might have to; but this offers you power in places where the grid simply cannot work (if there are no AC transmission lines in the area). We offer DC-coupled systems (for off-grid use only) or AC-coupled systems (using a solar power inverter, which reduces efficiency only 10-15% as expected from the DC-to-AC inversion process).

Solar Power Pays For Itself

Since nearly all solar power systems are protected by a lifetime performance guarantee for around 25-years (for most manufacturers), you've got a lot of essentially free electricity adding future equity to your home or business for at least 15 years and protecting yourself against future utility rate hikes (by decreasing your reliance on the power grid). What's more is that you could be taking advantage of those future rate hikes by selling your excess energy back to the power grid. The solar power systems normally keep working past the 25-year performance guarantee, but they just aren't guaranteed to work past that point.

Real People Are Telling Us

“I figured I’m earning about 8% on my investment. And it’s tax free! Where can you get that rate now?”

“We figured the one sure thing in life was that the electricity rates would not go down over time. It was a good investment.”

“Why wouldn’t I want to invest in something that returns at least 16 percent on my money, year in and year out?”

“My solar system will pay itself off in 5-6 years. Then the savings will help fund my children’s college education.”

Solar Power Makes Dollars and Sense

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